Thursday, 13 June 2013

And then the rains came......

The sweet smell of geosmin fills the air.Time for the earth to breathe a sigh of relief the water quenches the thirst of a million damp spirits & so does a shower of compliments from a loved one too!!
Ever so often in the journey of life the mundane routine dries the spirit all it takes is a deviation from sanity!Take a trip on the wild side it does wonders like rain!And water rappelling in the rains sounds just as fun!Rappelling down the wall of a waterfall water beating up against you the sheer force of water pushing you down;but you hold your ground.The water wins; you fall but lift up yourself, plant your boots back in the face of that cascading water & show our true mettle!The waterfall has met its match it knocks you down repeatedly and you rise again & again!Then the heavens burst open showers of blessings;raindrops in your eyes as you traverse the remaining few feet that remain which are not as easy as they seem and the rain does not seem to helping you either!But you've made up your mind nothings gonna stop you now!Touchdown... all that effort revived your spirit one less challenge bring on the next.......

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunny Days!

The bright light of the sun warms up the entire horizon!
Though far apart it warms my heart!
With the strength to carry on!
Early morning crisp fresh air makes my soul leap for joy!
The coast is clear!
Time for the anchors to drop!
It party time ahoy!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Living in the moment!

What each step has in store!
The moment we crave forever more!
Time has created a list of things to do!
The ramblings of an impatient heart!
To stay or move ahead!
To walk,run, fly or just stay in bed!
The moment suggests i do it all!
Do i stand my ground,stand tall!
Or flee to fight another day!
Today is what counts!
Today i breathe!
Today is what matters!
Tomorrow will take care of itself
All that matters is today!
With eyes wide open and a sweaty brow!
Living in the now!
Somewhere somehow!

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Truth!

Relative as it may seem the truth stands to conquer it all!!
Like a ray of light that seers through the darkness!
The truth sets us free!
From all the shackles we are ensnared in!
Once captives we are all set free!
Free to soar the skies!
Take flight in the heavens above!
Let your words flow like never before!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Pure Mettle!!

What does it take to prove your mettle?
Times of trials act as fires that refine metals to their finest form!
All slag is separated from the pure metal!
What remains is the purest form of the human spirit!
How long we endure is the true test of durability!
To exist and emerge victorious against all odds!

Friday, 1 February 2013

The Stairway

At times we do encounter a higher path a stairway that leads to a new horizon!
The hurdle that seemed to pose a threat now happens to be a hurdle no more!
The path less tread and ventured not seems to be a challenge no more!
The foes that were once foes are now the best of friends!
The adventure that seemed lost unravels again
The journey never ends.....

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A New Battle ensues!!

Rage art thou a force too....
The words that flow have ceased to surface
The hulk has sunk to the bottom of the sea
Green shades of rage now have turned blue
I once yearned for you but i no longer do
The green eyed monster has been laid to waste
The sword has melted and can now do no harm
The blood which once adorned its blade has vanished too
The season of trials has ended for now
From chaos has surfaced cosmos!
A sudden calm i see for things to come
A war had ended for the newer battles to come!